The Future is Death


Our second project was inspired by the scientific theory of ‘Heat Death’, or the long, deep future of the universe - a theorised state where all energy has flowed out of everything, leaving nothing, no light, no particles, not even a flow of time.

We developed this show for two screens - one semi transparent, situated in front of the secondary screen. Our objective was to make the show as live as possible - no pre-recorded sounds, no sync between sound and visuals, just live playing. For this Ian relies heavily on sequenced modular synthesisers and tape loops. Tones of discomfort, jarring oscillations from analogue synths die slowly away as we descend into the bleakest of futures. James designed the visuals to be far more fluid and ‘playable’ compared to previous work, triggering content in response the audio as the show progresses.

We wanted to create an experience that would take the viewer on a journey, considering their own mortality when held up in the context of the long, dark distance future of the universe as it decays away to nothingness.

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