void_null is a collaboration between visual artist James Ward and musician Ian Oakley. We create immersive, live audio visual experiences. We have a fascination with concepts and theories that are inspired by scientific endeavour, and seek to create shows that inform and inspire an audience. Our aim is to take the audience on a journey, one which mostly leaves them asking more questions.

Our primary focus is exploring the element of performance and atmosphere. We utilise a range of formats and technology to realise each project, always with a strong emphasis on the ‘live’ element of performance. Even though the structure of a show may stay the same, no two shows are the same. Engaging with and responding to an audience is central to what we do.

Our work fits into many environments. Left to our own devices we will seek out interesting locations in which to build and perform a show, but we can take our shows into any venue or location.


"It’s rare to come across such thoughtful and careful creativity that is all about the work and the experience rather than the ego. James and Ian – as void_null – are that rare exception of a creative project that has bags and bags of digital artistry and yet a generosity and humility that makes for an immersive and inclusive experience where all can enter in.”

Paul Northup
Creative Director | Greenbelt Festival

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